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June 24, 2003

Getting Used to Vonage

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Now that the VoIP phone is set up, I’ve been using for regular calls. Several
people say that it sounds just like a regular phone, others say it has a
slightly “flat” sound. However, everyone agrees that it’s better than a
cell phone. From my end, it sounds almost as good as a regular phone. Since
my cable modem speed is asymmetric (256Kb/s going out, but up to 3Mb/s coming
in) it makes sense that what I hear would be better than what they hear.

I love the voicemail and call logging features with Vonage. I can see a
list of every incoming and outgoing call, including durations, on an Internet
web page. I can listen to my voicemail over the web. I can even get an e-mail
message for every incoming voicemail, telling me the time and the originating
phone number. If I were crazy, I could have the message come attached to the
e-mail, as a .wav file.

One little problem, though. The current the Cisco box generates to ring
my phone is inadequate for a real, old fashioned bell. I just hear a few
faint “dings”. Almost nobody has a phone with a real bell anymore, so I doubt
this will cause many problems. I’ll eventually stick a cordless phone on the
unit, and the problem will go away.

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