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February 25, 2009

CodeWright Font Update

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Many years ago I posted a note on a Windows XP registry fix for CodeWright’s ugly fonts.  Brijesh sent me a comment that he just tried it and it didn’t work for him.

Well, I haven’t used CodeWright in several years because it’s essentially an orphaned product.  I guess some Windows XP update changed things so the registry hack doesn’t work.  But some of my co-workers are using CodeWright 6.0, and they’ve fixed the ugly fonts from within CodeWright itself.

Select Tools/Customize/View Setup, then click on the Font tab.  Instead of the default font it already chose, select a font you want.  They’re using Consolas (available for download from Microsoft, but I won’t link to it because Microsoft constantly moves things).  Go to their download center and search for it.

Consolas is fantastic for programming because the comma and period (and hence the semi-colon and colon) are very visibly different.

Hope this helps.


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