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February 28, 2007

Using Vista – The Early Days

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It’s been a week since I first posted about moving to Vista, and I said I’d put up a detailed post about the experience. One reason I haven’t done that yet is due to the experience. I’ve been battling a lot of issues with Vista. They’re not all Vista’s fault (some of them are due to other software issues that are being manifested because of Vista, and some of them are just changes from XP, not errors), but they’ve been real time-eaters.

I think I’m just about fed up with Vista. There are a lot of nice new things in Vista, and I’m going to have to use Vista sooner or later, anyway, so I had come into this with a positive attitude. But Vista is wearing me down.

So, in this post, mundane issues I encountered on day one. Further days to follow, if I have any time to post in between overcoming problems created by Vista.



February 22, 2007

First impressions of Vista

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I’m settled in to the new PC now, and will bit by bit post my notes on how it went. In a nutshell, instead of taking an evening to migrate, it took two evenings and a full day in between. But it’s not all Vista’s fault. I also changed e-mail programs and upgraded to a major new version of the Apache web server. It’s only about 90% Vista’s fault.


February 21, 2007

ThinkPad/Vista “bug”

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I am migrating to a new PC (a ThinkPad T60p) and a new operating system (Windows Vista). I completely wipe and reinstall everything on my PC about twice a year, anyway, and I’ve got it going pretty smoothly. But this time, it’s taken days for me to get the new PC working well enough for me to switch to it.

I’ll be writing about the issues I’ve faced in the next several days, but I had to post about the one I just had. On my new PC, Microsoft Outlook 2003 couldn’t save the calendar as a web page. I tried saving it to my network drive for others to see, and Outlook crashed.

It turned out that I had turned network discovery off. Once I turned that back on, though, it still wasn’t saving the calendar, though it wasn’t crashing any more. Instead, when I clicked to save the calendar, nothing happened. The dialog box just closed.

I tried lots of fixes. Saving to a local file. Saving only one month (maybe the DST date switch was causing problems). I’d started searching Google for answers, with little luck.

And then I noticed something. The new calendar was showing in the web page, where I’d saved it. Yes, once the network discovery was turned back on, Outlook started saving it properly immediately. I’d been trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.

Why? Well, I was primed to see a bug after the first crash. And then, when the Save dialog box finished immediately, I knew it wasn’t working. I’ve been saving my calendar from Outlook 2003 for years, and I know what should happen. When I click Save, a progress dialog box pops up and shows me how quickly it’s saving the web page. This takes about a full minute. When the Save finished instantaneously this time, I knew it was broken.

Or I thought it was broken. It just turns out this new PC saved the calendar blazingly faster than my older PC (which was a pretty decent ThinkPad T43). I don’t know whether it’s all the PC, or all Vista, or some combination, but there is certainly an enormous speed up in some areas.

Saving a minute here and a minute there will eventually make up for the extra 20 hours or so it took me to get all my software working on this new platform. Sure it will.

February 13, 2007

Out of control

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Google Mail keeps 30 days of spam before automatically deleting old messages. Today was a milestone: my spam folder has more than 10,000 messages. More than 300 per day.

And this isn’t even all the spam I get! I get a couple dozen more spam messages per day to my direct personal e-mail accounts, and about a hundred a day to my work account. I’ve given up on managing it all. I don’t even check my spam folders for false positives anymore unless I’m expecting a message and haven’t yet seen it.

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