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April 28, 2004

My new Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones…

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…are already proving themselves. My flight’s delayed about an hour,
and the Crown Room is, as almost always, more of a zoo than the
gate, so I’m waiting at the gate. It’s noisy here; a
constant background of machines and chatter. So I put on my new
headphones and turned them on (without plugging them into any audio
source). Instantly, it’s like I’m in a library. I can still hear
announcements (actually more clearly than before), and occasional
take-off rumbles or dot matrix printers, but they’re in the background.
And the rest of the noise is gone.



April 25, 2004

Building Perl

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In an earlier
, I talked about Microsoft’s
Visual C++ Toolkit
. I built Perl
for Windows with it successfully,
but it took me about half a dozen tries. On a Unix machine the
build process is very sophisticated. You run a Configure program,
which figures out everything the build process needs to know about
your environment, then you use make to perform the
actual build. But Configure is a Unix shell script, and you can’t
run it under Windows.


Great Free Stuff from Microsoft!

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Just a few days ago, Microsoft released free set of development
tools, the Microsoft
Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
. (As always, don’t be surprised if the
link is broken. Even Microsoft’s own web pages often have broken
internal links, thanks to Microsoft’s inexplicable compulsion to
move their pages again and again and again, and never
leave pointers behind. Google should be able
to find it, though.)


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