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November 19, 2004

Outlook is brain dead

Filed under: Notes — Charles Engelke @ 11:42 am

I said I’d skip trying Outlook 2003 for now because I couldn’t even
sync it with my Palm, due to Palm’s unwillingness to let me download
that capability from their web site. Well, I borrowed a Palm
install CD from someone so I could install the Outlook conduits
for use with my Palm, and am giving Outlook a try.



November 17, 2004

Try Outlook?

Filed under: Notes — Charles Engelke @ 5:38 pm

Well, my PC acted up yesterday, so it was time to wipe the hard drive and start over. Our IT group got me a new disk image right away, and I started moving my data over. But, since it was a brand new PC, I decided to try some new things out. For example, I’m not going to install ZoneAlarm; I think the new XP SP 2 firewall will meet my needs. (It doesn’t do as much as ZoneAlarm, but I think it covers my vulnerabilities.) And I decided to try Outlook 2003.


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