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March 7, 2008

Internet Calendar Tools

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Google Calendar Sync

I use Outlook to manage my calendar on my PC, and sync it with my Palm PDA. I like Google Calendar for sharing my calendar information with others, but I couldn’t keep it in sync with the other calendars I have.

Well, now I can. Google just release a free Outlook Calendar Sync program. I’ve installed it, and it works fine. Now all my appointments are in three different places, but they all agree with one another.


I don’t travel as much on business as I used to, but this free service is still really useful for me. Whenever I got an e-mail confirmation for a travel reservation—flight, hotel, rental car—I just forward a copy to That site parses the messages and keeps a calendar of all my travel information. It even groups reservations for the same trip together automatically.

There’s nothing to sign up for, or to pay. Just forward a reservation and wait a minute for a reply. The first time you do it, you’ll get a link in the response that you can follow to set up a password for your itineraries. From that point on, just keep forwarding the messages, and then go to to view your itineraries.

You can use an iCal feed from TripIt to update Outlook or your Google Calendar. You can even share the feed with others, so they can see your whole travel schedule.

One downside is that you’re giving TripIt enough information about your reservations for them to change some of them, if they wanted to. But the related benefit is that TripIt can actually check with the airline and update your flight times when they change, with no input from you.


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