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June 30, 2003

Directors’ Retreat, St. Augustine

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I’m at a three day retreat for our divisions’ directors right now.
Actually, it’s a half day, full day, and half day retreat. Tomorrow
is the last day.


You always need more software

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Since Saturday I’ve been using the new PC more and more, and I keep
needing to install more software. So far, I have:


June 28, 2003

Settling In to the New PC

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Of course it’s not a new PC, just a new system disk. Still,
it’s pretty much like a new PC in what I have to do. As I mentioned
yesterday the first step was
to copy all my old files over by putting my old drive in a USB hard
disk adapter. It was slow and I expected it to take hours, so I
started the copy and went to bed.



June 27, 2003

Installing XP

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Okay, I took my old Windows 2000 hard drive and installed XP on it. I even
deleted the old partition first, then did a full format instead of a quick one,
to be sure that the new installation was completely clean.


June 26, 2003

ThinkPad T30 + Windows XP = crashes

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At least, so far for me. I’ve been using ThinkPads for years, and liking each
model more than the last, but now I’m getting frustrated. My fairly new T30
is crashing several times a week (sometimes several times a day), and in many
different ways: blue screen, screen freezing, black screen, random reboots.
I don’t know exactly what’s to blame, but I have my suspicions:


June 25, 2003

Writing my first plug-in

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Okay, I wanted to write a plug-in to turn a single instance of the Blosxom
script into one that behaves differently depending on the URL used to access
it. I’m assuming that there are multiple ScriptAlias directives in the Apache
configuration, each pointing a different URL at the same script. If the URL
is /charles, the script should use configuration values appropriate for user
charles. If the URL is /bobd, the script should use configuration values for
that user. The configuration variables are blog_title,
blog_description, and datadir in the Blosxom script.


Trying out a plug-in

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One of the reasons I chose Blosxom was its plug-in architecture. That meant
I could start with a really simple installation, then add features as I got
more comfortable with the system. Today I wrote a plug-in for Blosxom
at work.


June 24, 2003

Getting Used to Vonage

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Now that the VoIP phone is set up, I’ve been using for regular calls. Several
people say that it sounds just like a regular phone, others say it has a
slightly “flat” sound. However, everyone agrees that it’s better than a
cell phone. From my end, it sounds almost as good as a regular phone. Since
my cable modem speed is asymmetric (256Kb/s going out, but up to 3Mb/s coming
in) it makes sense that what I hear would be better than what they hear.



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I just got my Vonage Internet phone system today. The shipping box has a Cisco
VoIP gateway, a Netgear home router (I have a home router, but I’ll carry this
one on trips with the phone) and a Radio Shack category 5 Ethernet cable.


June 21, 2003

Getting started with Blosxom

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I installed an early version of Blosxom over a year ago, played around with it,
and then forgot about it. Blosxom was really easy to get going, but not
really powerful enough to interest me.


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