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July 27, 2004

XML Schema Languages

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The speaker didn’t make it, so we have a substitute. He seems
knowledgeable, but unprepared. So far, he’s reading the handout
document to us and adding comments. The handout is excellent; I’m
extremely disappointed that the speaker who wrote it isn’t here.



Subversion: Version Control Rethought

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Greg Stein is going to tell us why and how to use Subversion. I don’t
expect to take too many notes, though. It’s pretty hard to do that
in a session like this.


July 26, 2004

Python Quickstart

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My first session at this year’s
Open Source
here in Portland, Oregon, is a
. I’m not really looking to use
Python for anything,
but I’d like to be able to program in it. After all, it’s the
language that Zope and
Chandler are written
in, and I think both those products are very good.


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