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March 30, 2005

Time to Switch

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If you aren’t already using Firefox
instead of Internet Explorer, it’s time to start. We’ve had some
problems with Spyware here, and we know for sure that
most of it came in through vulnerabilities in IE. If you’re using
Windows XP with automatic updates on, your copy of IE isn’t as
vulnerable as it used to be, but (in my opinion) it’s still not
nearly as safe a browser to use as Firefox.



March 28, 2005

Product Development (Not Software Development)

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Sure, our products are (primarily) made of software, but they’re
still products. And, though software development is a pretty new
field, product development has been around for a while. We should
learn from how products have been developed in other domains, not
just software.


SD West 2005

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I attended SD West in Santa Clara a couple of weeks ago. For my
own memory down the road, here are the sessions I attended:


March 26, 2005

Planview Remarks in Firefox

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Are you sick and tired of having to run Internet Explorer just to
enter your timesheet, because the remarks page
seems to freeze in Firefox? Well, I think I’ve figured out how
to make that page work right in Firefox, thanks in large part to a
great new book called
FireFox Hacks
(which you can probably get at almost any bookstore, or online at
or Barnes & Noble).


March 15, 2005

Javascript – Threat or Menace? Neither, any more.

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I always hated Javascript, because it seemed like web pages that
made heavy use of it never worked. And they did things in
Javascript that could be done in straight HTML, more easily,
more portably, and more reliably.
So how come I’m so happy with Appia,
when it currently has 5826 lines of Javascript in it? (Compare that to
the only 22,611 lines of Perl in today’s Appia source for what I
always call a “Perl application”!)


March 10, 2005

Keeping Spyware off Your PC

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Some time ago, I posted a note about malicious
code, with lots of details on how to detect and avoid it. That
note is still accurate, but the biggest threat now is a bit different
from back then: spyware. So this note focuses
exactly on that, and how to deal with it. (Also, that note was
very long and detailed; this note is short.)


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