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March 29, 2004


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Kasei writes about
the importance
of fudgability
in software to automate previously manual
operations. It’s worth reading.

March 28, 2004


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After I spilled
a coke
on my ThinkPad T40 I got a loaner immediately (thanks to
our IT staff). But soon after that, I got upgraded to a T41. This is a
lot like the T40, though with a bit faster processor. There are
really two main improvements in the T41 over the T40:
an extremely high-resolution display (1400 by 1050), and
Bluetooth. I’ve been waiting for Bluetooth to
solve all my cabling problems, and now I’ve got a chance to see
how well it works.



March 16, 2004

The big 3-0

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0x30, to be specific. It’s been a nice birthday.

March 15, 2004

Faster Acrobat

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A while ago I
that Adobe Acrobat 6.0 takes forever to start up,
but doesn’t do a single thing I care about better than earlier,
faster versions of Acrobat. I just upgraded to a new PC, and it
had Acrobat 5.0 on it.


March 8, 2004

Back to Eudora

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A few weeks ago I wrote about
Software Programs
, and said I liked
and would stick with it over my old favorite,
Eudora. Well, I changed my
mind, and I’m back to Eudora.


March 2, 2004

Voting in Georgia

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I just voted electronically here in Macon, Georgia this morning. I
left the polling place quite upset, and with little confidence in the
process. First, the smart card I was given was programmed incorrectly,
and didn’t include the Democratic presidential preference primary. When
I reached the end of the ballot without seeing that race I complained,
and the pollworkers came over and examined the screen. So much for a
secret ballot. They then pressed the “Cast Vote” button over my
protests, saying that they would void the vote later. I then got a
correctly programmed smart card and voted again.


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