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June 30, 2003

Directors’ Retreat, St. Augustine

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I’m at a three day retreat for our divisions’ directors right now.
Actually, it’s a half day, full day, and half day retreat. Tomorrow
is the last day.

We do this two or three times a year to get away from the current
issues and focus on broader concerns, as well as to strengthen the
management team. They’ve been really useful so far, and this one
seems to be no exception.

We do get some chance to relax. After a full work day we got to
walk across the street to the beach for about an hour, which was
refreshing (but the water was pretty rough). Then we had a nice
dinner together downtown, and took an hour long boat tour on the
Intracoastal. But we start up at 8:00 tomorrow, and now I need some


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