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June 30, 2003

You always need more software

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Since Saturday I’ve been using the new PC more and more, and I keep
needing to install more software. So far, I have:

  • Palm Desktop, so I could sync my handheld
  • AT&T Global Network dialer; I wanted to make sure I’d already
    updated the phone list before I went on the road!
  • Groove, so I could see information on some projects I’m working on
  • Microsoft Office, because I needed Excel for some Groove files
    and for my time sheet.
  • Delorme Street Atlas 2003 for maps to the directors’ retreat in
    St. Augustine
  • Delorme Earthmate GPS USB drivers, so I could be directed on the
    trip (I didn’t really need it, but I wanted it)
  • Intervideo WinDVD, which comes bundled with the ThinkPad. This
    is needed not only to watch DVDs, but apparently to watch any
    MPEG files with Windows Media Player. I’ve got some TV shows transferred
    from my ReplayTV I might want to watch (sooner or later I’ll get around
    to watching Panic Room.

I’ve had the new PC running for more than three days, including
leaving it on overnight and suspending and resuming a lot, and it
hasn’t crashed yet. Whatever was causing the problem before isn’t
on the new PC yet. I’m going to wait on optional drivers (all the
IBM ones, and my cell phone modem) until I need them.


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