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July 5, 2003

Finishing with the T30

Filed under: ThinkPad — Charles Engelke @ 3:18 pm

The ThinkPad T30 is now working flawlessly, and is perfectly configured
for my needs and tastes. So, of course, it’s time for me to switch PCs
again. I just got a T40 and I’m migrating to it.

I switch PCs a lot, because I’m a good guinea pig for laptops. My job
covers a lot of different technical areas, so I give all the different
software we use a good workout. I travel a fair amount, and used to travel
an insanely excessive amount, and always to different places so I’m always
encountering different data communications possibilities. I’m respectful
of the equipment, but use it “realistically” (translation, pretty roughly
but not abusively). I also don’t have much tolerance for things that aren’t
reliable or are harder to use than they absolutely have to be.

So our IT department will take my notes to set up a master XP disk image
for the T30s, and in a little while will do the same for the T40s.


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