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July 5, 2003

Software Installed on the ThinkPad T40

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I use a lot of software, much of it open source and free (in several
senses of the word). Since something made at least one Windows XP
ThinkPad I set up unstable, it seems useful for me to list what’s installed
now on a stable T40:

  • ActiveState Perl 5.8.1, build 508
  • Apache Web Server 2.0.46
  • Cygwin tools (full install of a very dynamic package; right now
    I have everything as of July 5, 2003)
  • GWD Text Editor 3.2. I can’t
    recommend this enough to programmers working in Windows. It’s not free,
    but it’s very reasonably priced to register (something like $20), and
    it’s very nice. I don’t like IDEs, I prefer a good text editor and
    command line tools.
  • Eudora Pro 4.2. It’s an old version, but it does all I need or
    want, and once the “Use Microsoft’s Viewer” option is turned off, it’s
    an extremly secure mail client.
  • Norton Antivirus Corporate version 8. It’s a shame it’s needed. I’d
    probably never actually run an infected attachment deliberately, but it’s
    far too risky to leave them sitting on the machine.
  • Mozilla 1.4 (final release). Much
    better (and safer) than Internet Explorer, and a little better than my
    old favorite, Opera.
  • AT&T Global Network dialer. I installed version 5.08, but the online
    update moved it to 5.08.1.
  • Cisco VPN client 3.6.3
  • Cisco Aeronet Card Utility version 5.005.01
  • Delorme Street Atlas USA 2003 plus Earthmate GPS drivers
  • putty ssh client
  • Adobe Reader 6.0
  • Intervideo WinDVD (I can’t figure out the version number)
  • Microsoft Reader (once again, I can’t find a version number, but it’s
    a brand new download). This is only for the free books they’re offering
    this summer. The files are so locked up that I wouldn’t pay a dime for one
    because I have no confidence that I could maintain access to them.
  • Palm Desktop 4.1
  • TimePALm time synchronization Palm conduit

Pretty soon I’ll be adding a bit more:

  • Microsoft XP Professional (everything but Outlook)
  • ZoneAlarm version (our VPN has a good policy that you can’t see the
    Internet at the same time as the Intranet unless you run this)
  • Sun’s J2SE JDK 1.4.2
  • MySQL server (probably)
  • PGP desktop security 7 (just waiting for the next encrypted message
    to install)
  • Groove
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 6.0, maybe. I need to be able to create PDF
    files. I can do that now for free, but it’s clumsier than Acrobat. On
    the other hand, Acrobat seems to keep getting more expensive, and I haven’t
    decided if it’s worth getting the new version.

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