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July 7, 2003

Wi-Fi Woes

Filed under: OSCON 2003 — Charles Engelke @ 6:34 pm

The conference is providing wireless networking, which is great. But it
has been totally flaky today. It comes and goes, it changes subnets,
sometimes it doesn’t route beyond the gateway. It’s been working this
afternoon, mostly, and we have a possible explanation for some problems.

All over the conference there are URGENT signs asking Mac OS X
users to turn off Rendezvous to stop network interference. I don’t
know if that’s really the problem, but the network providers think so. The
network provider is the Apple Developer Connection, so they should know.

I just love it. At the last O’Reilly conference I went to, the
Emerging Technology Conference
there were reports of network problems (though I never had any). The
conference organizers immediately blamed Windows users, saying that they
must have misconfigured their systems to mess others up. I didn’t think
that was the case then, and now I wonder if it wasn’t those same Mac users
who were causing the problems they blamed on Windows!


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