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July 8, 2003

The ThinkPad T40 at the Open Source Conference

Filed under: ThinkPad — Charles Engelke @ 1:07 am

There’s bad and good news about my new T40. First, the bad news: it
froze twice today. However, based on the software common to each problem
installation, I’m beginning to strongly suspect the Cisco VPN software.
I’ve been connected to the VPN each time it froze up. I’m going to ask our
IT staff to see if a newer release is available.

Now, the good news. I ran the T40 non-stop through a day of tutorials
and some of the breaks. The battery gave me at least 7 hours of use today
(with a wireless network connection going). I changed batteries when
Windows complained that it was down to 10%. But it still estimated I had
another 45 minutes at that point. This is a good PC for travelers (if I can
just stamp out the freezing).


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