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July 9, 2003

Break: Buying Books

Filed under: OSCON 2003 — Charles Engelke @ 7:06 pm

Every time I come to this conference (or really, any technical
conference) I hit the bookstore. I used to like to see what was available
and buy the books while I had a chance. Thanks to the Internet, I usually
know what’s available now, but I still like the chance to leaf through the
books before buying them. And lately I’ve been buying books for my
colleagues who attend the conferences, too.

This conference is no exception. There are a lot of excellent books
recently out. We’ve picked up several O’Reilly books: Linux Security
, UML in a Nutshell, Learning Perl Objects, References
and Modules
, and Perl 6 Essentials. We didn’t stick to O’Reilly,
either: Java Development with Ant, Firewalls and Internet Security
Second Edition
and Eclipse in Action.


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