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July 10, 2003

Session: More Technical Challenges in Using Perl for Commercial Software

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This talk by Gurusamy Sarathy is subtitle “Real Life War Stories”. We
Windows users have Sarathy to thank for bring “real” Perl to us. Before
he ported the standard Perl distribution to Windows, we had to get by with
custom versions of Perl. Yes, they worked, but they always fell behind the
main version, and couldn’t use all the same add-on modules. Now Sarathy
works for ActiveState, which maintains lots of open source languages for

Commercial Software Technical Goals. Concurrency. Robustness.
Scalability. Compatibility.

Sarathy seems to mean technical challenges in creating Perl to use in
commercial software, rather than technical challenges in using Perl. His
talk is centered on Perl internals, and starts with a lot of issues in
making code thread safe. I remember dealing with that in C under OS/2 many
years ago, and I don’t miss it being my problem at all.

I’m going to skip out for another talk now.


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