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July 11, 2003

Keynote: Von Neumann’s Universe

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It’s the last day, and it’s only going to be a half day. They’ve removed
all the tables from the rooms, so I won’t be writing much. I can use the
computer on my lap, but I can’t type well that way.

George Dyson is going to talk about Coding (and Engineering) at the
Institute for Advanced Study, 1945-1956. The years in question were also
vital in computing, so this talk
should be really interesting.

And it was a fascinating talk. I just couldn’t take notes as it
progressed, but Dyson is undoubtedly going to publish all this material that
he just finished researching at the Institute’s archives. At the end he got
a standing ovation, the first one at this conference. What a great talk! I
can’t wait to find out more!

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