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July 11, 2003

OSCON Day 4: Session – Emerging Open Source Business Strategies

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So, this was a high level talk about the commoditization of software, particularily Open Source software.

Funniest Question and Answer to the guy from Oracle:

  • Q: If MySQL catches up with Oracle what will you do?
    A: Hopefully, I’ll be playing Golf in Maui.

  • Q. How do you make money in a commoditized market?
    A: You can compete on price, brand, and lower the overall price margin.
    Another alternative would be to identify competitors that don’t want to
    do what you do, then grab that market.

    Did you know that Oracle has 40,000 employees while MySQL has 70. MySQL is catching up and is proving
    itself as an enterprise level database. That has to say something. Their business models are obviously

    And there was the typical Microsoft bashing. But, that happens alot in general at Open Source conferences.

    Tim O’reilly said that Apple now means something different from the PC, more than it does something. So, Apple is making
    money on Open Source but they are also giving back to the community.

    This past Thursday and Friday, Microsoft provided lunch for the conference. Now how’s that for a proprietary software
    company reaching out and feeding the folks of Open Source. Is there a business model of some sort waiting to come out. Hmmmmm.

    The talk was pretty good. It made me look at things in a different perspective.

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