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July 13, 2003

Saturday, July 12, 2003: On the plane

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Leaving Portland

  • It’s 6:35pm EDT and we are almost near Atlanta
    I lucked out and got a whole row to myself.
    Uh oh, we’ve started to decent into the
    ATL area. The flight was just a little bumpy
    but for the most part it was pretty smooth.

    Leaving Atlanta

  • Boy did we encounter some turbulence at times. The flight attendants did
    not spill a single drop of refreshments. That was pretty impressive because
    I thought a few people were going to get wet for sure. It was also pretty warm
    on the plane. The flight attendants assured us that we weren’t getting hot flashes.

    More Pictures

  • I took some pretty interesting pictures of Mt. Hood and other shots from the air.
    I think there may be a shot or two of the Cascade Mts. The last set of pics are located

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