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July 28, 2003

Automated Testing of Large Projects

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Automated Testing of Large Projects with Perl
by Andy Lester

Lester discussed different aspects of testing and the importance of each.
Aspects include, code, database data and web site interfaces.

In a typical perl project we need to test the following:

* modules/libraries

* Coding standards and project information

* application data and data format

* application logic

His tests will soon be a part of Test::harness. Different modules that help in testing (available on CPAN)


WWW::Mechanize and HTML::Lint  (help in testing web stuff)

Scalar :: Util


I felt that there are some points in this tutorial that we oversee very
frequently, like for example writing test cases to test our databases or data in
the databases. For more information on this tutorial and also on automated
testing of projects in general please refer to ""



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