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December 3, 2003

Hands-on DocBook

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DocBook is an XML document type for books, articles, and
sets of books and articles. You can create a DocBook file
for your documentation, and then use DocBook tools to publish
it in a form suitable for reading.

So what? A Microsoft Word file does the same thing, doesn’t it?
Well, not really. What makes DocBook special is that your files
are plain text (so they can be created using a text editor or
by programs you write) and the DocBook tools can take a single
source file and render it in several different formats, such
as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), HTML, Microsoft Help (CHM) and many
others. So DocBook files are ideally suited to documentation
that needs to be developed, maintained, and enhanced over time.

This series of notes uses examples to show how to create and process
DocBook files. The examples are all related, forming a single
documentation project.

What’s the project? Creating this tutorial, of course!


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