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February 25, 2004

RSA Conference

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The 2004 RSA Conference
will be in San Francisco from February 23rd through the 27th. This
is a very big, and pretty expensive annual conference that was
started by RSA, Inc. (the company founded by the inventors of the RSA
public key cryptographic algorithm) several years ago primarily to support
their products and users, and which has grown into the premier conference
on cryptography and its use for security, authentication, and commerce.
This is central to Expedite and Bid Express, and is becoming important
to most of our products.

I’ve never been to an RSA Conference. I stayed up to date with reading,
tinkering, and I attended a conference offered by one of those firms
that goes from city to city hosting such events. But now I think I
need to get current again, and gain deeper knowledge. For example,
I think some of this technology can give us a good, natural and
unobtrusive way to enforce license expiration for some of our
software. So I’m planning to go to this conference this time.

So, public key cryptography and its applications is important to
Info Tech, and is going to be even more important in the future. I’ve
generally been the person at the center of figuring out how it
fits into our product strategy, and especially in explaining it to
AASHTO and our other customers. I think Info Tech needs more
people with this knowledge and these skills. If you’re interested
in becoming one of our experts in this area, especially someone who
not only understands the technology, but also sees how that could be
applied to solve our business needs, let your supervisor or
director know. And please let
me know, too.
You may get a chance to master a core technology for us. You might
get to go to San Francisco next February, too.

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