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February 26, 2004

The Exhibit Hall

Filed under: RSA 2004 — Charles Engelke @ 5:06 pm

A couple of days ago I
that there were a thousand vendors selling three products in the exhibit
hall. Well, I spent a few hours there yesterday, and I have to say I
was wrong. They’re selling about five products: e-mail filters,
hardware authentication tokens, network appliances, patch management
tools, and consulting services. There are a few others there, but it’s
overwhelmingly those five.

Still, there was some useful information in the booths, and I think
we may end up acquiring some of the products. And there’s the swag.
The big swag this year is mints in packages that open in odd ways.
The only really cool swag I’ve seen is a little piece of plastic
shaped like a boomerang; it spins fine in one direction, but if you
spin it the other way, it stops and reverses itself.


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