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February 8, 2004

DocBook to HTML Help

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Microsoft’s HTML Help is a really nice format for on-line technical
documentation. The information is presented more or less in
HTML, but there are lots of nice additional navigation features
available. For example, not only do you get a table of contents,
as with multiple HTML pages, but you also get an index and a live
search function. And all of this is in a single
CHM file, instead of the
several different files you would have to copy if you were
deploying a multiple HTML page version of the document.


February 3, 2004

Creating Multiple HTML Pages

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One problem using MSXSL as our XSLT
processor becomes apparent when we try to do something a bit
fancier: convert a single DocBook file to multiple HTML pages.
There’s a stylesheet to do that called chunk.xsl,
so we should be able to create the output with the command


I’m back

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There’s been a long hiatus in this blog. Most of it was due to my
taking a lot of vacation around Christmas and getting away from work
for a while. But now I’m back posting articles. Pretty soon the
DocBook section should start getting lively again.

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