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March 8, 2004

Back to Eudora

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A few weeks ago I wrote about
Software Programs
, and said I liked
and would stick with it over my old favorite,
Eudora. Well, I changed my
mind, and I’m back to Eudora.

How come? Was Thunderbird deficient in some way? No, it’s a great
program, and I recommend it to anyone looking to get an e-mail
client for their PC. But it wasn’t better than Eudora,
and even after several weeks of use, it didn’t feel quite right
to me. If I hadn’t been using Eudora for more than a decade, I’m
sure I would have stayed with Thunderbird.

One change I did make was to change back not to Eudora Pro
version 4.2, but Eudora 6.0. One reason I had changed in the
first place was that I had hoped that Thunderbird’s client-side
spam filtering would work well for me, and that it’s mail searching
would be faster than Eudora’s was. Well, the client-side spam
filtering in Thunderbird never got better than about 50% right
for me. To be fair, the only spam it got to see had already been
passed through SpamAssassin on the server, so it was a very hard
sample to work with. Still, 50% accuracy wasn’t a big help to me.
And I see that the new Eudora has client-side spam filtering, too.
Maybe it will work better, or at least as well.

I also figured that the new Eudora might search my e-mail store
faster than the old one, and that turned out to be correct. It’s
much faster than it used to be, and much faster than Thunderbird.
I’ve got tens of thousands of messages to go through, maybe hundreds
of thousands (since I keep my trash for at least a year), so this
speed was the deciding factor for me.


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