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March 28, 2004


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After I spilled
a coke
on my ThinkPad T40 I got a loaner immediately (thanks to
our IT staff). But soon after that, I got upgraded to a T41. This is a
lot like the T40, though with a bit faster processor. There are
really two main improvements in the T41 over the T40:
an extremely high-resolution display (1400 by 1050), and
Bluetooth. I’ve been waiting for Bluetooth to
solve all my cabling problems, and now I’ve got a chance to see
how well it works.

My first problem was to confirm that the PC does, in fact, have
Bluetooth. There’s a Bluetooth indicator next to the power light,
a Bluetooth icon in the system tray, and a “My Bluetooth Places”
icon on the Start menu. But the programs kept saying that they
couldn’t find any Bluetooth hardware, and I couldn’t find any
indication in the IBM configuration programs or Windows device
manager that there really was any such hardware.

The IT staff told me I needed to turn the adapter on. I’d figured
that out, but how? Press the Fn-F5 key, of course! Why didn’t
I think of that? A window popped up with controls for turning the
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters on and off. I turned on the
Bluetooth adapter, and Windows immediately announced it had found
a new device and installed it. And all the Bluetooth programs
worked okay. I guess. When you only have a single Bluetooth
device, there’s not a lot you can do with it.

So I replaced my Palm m515 with a Tungsten T3, which also has
Bluetooth. I’d been thinking about an upgrade for months, ever
since my wife got a Palm Zire 71 with the high-resolution display.
I’ve started reading text on my Palm, and the better display would
help. And the Tungsten T3 has a 480 by 320 display, which looked
great. Wanting to try out Bluetooth cemented my decision to

Next time, how I got the thing to hotsync via Bluetooth. It’s not
as simple as Palm technology usually is.

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