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July 27, 2004

XML Schema Languages

Filed under: OSCON 2004 — Charles Engelke @ 4:49 pm

The speaker didn’t make it, so we have a substitute. He seems
knowledgeable, but unprepared. So far, he’s reading the handout
document to us and adding comments. The handout is excellent; I’m
extremely disappointed that the speaker who wrote it isn’t here.

And I think the substitution isn’t going to work for me. I’m
skipping out early and attending the talk on Taming Legacy Perl
Code with Peter Scott.

Which turned out to be excellent! You can get a lot of the value
from reading his books: Perl
(supposedly out of print at Amazon right now, but readily
available at Barnes
and Noble
; and Perl
Medic: Transforming Legacy Code


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