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March 28, 2005

SD West 2005

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I attended SD West in Santa Clara a couple of weeks ago. For my
own memory down the road, here are the sessions I attended:

  1. Building Adaptive Mobile Applications, a commercial hands-on
    session offered by Intel.
  2. Refactoring to Patterns, by Joshua Kerievsky.
  3. Better Software — No Matter What, by Scott Meyers.
  4. XP Requirements Management, by Robert C. Martin.
  5. Code Smells, by Joshua Kerievsky.
  6. Lean Software Development, by Mary Poppendieck.
  7. User Acceptance Testing: the Essentials, by Jennitta Andrea.
  8. What’s Wrong with Projects? by Mary Poppendieck.
  9. Design Principles, by Robert C. Martin.
  10. Got Quality? (A Practical Look at Excellence in Software
    Development), by Chuck Allison.
  11. FitNesse for Acceptance Testing, by Robert C. Martin.
  12. A Fireside Chat with Joel Spolsky.
  13. Web Bloopers: Avoiding Common Design Mistakes, by Jeff Johnson.
  14. Stemming the Offshore Tide, by Robert C. Martin.
  15. Be a Good Scout — Secrets for Evaluating Development Tools,
    a panel discussion.

I’ve highlighted the three sessions that really impressed me a lot,
though a lot of the others were quite good, too. Still, these
three sessions stand out, and have given me a lot of ideas that I
expect to implement. More on that in a future post.

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