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August 1, 2005

Ruby on Rails

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Rails is an MVC framework for web development with Ruby. Our speaker, David Heinemeier Hansson, created it and has just written a book on it, and he was one of the team that built Basecamp with it.

Again, though, probably few notes during the session. He’s building a blogging application from scratch, and it’s a very impressive framework. Of course, samples always look easy when demonstrated. Still, look at all you need to get a core application:

  1. Download and install Ruby for Windows
  2. Install rails (command line: gem install rails)
  3. Create an application (command line: rails \path\to\your\new\app)

Now you have a web application. Start it up under Ruby’s built-in web server (command line: ruby scripts\server)

There’s now an apps subdirectory with directories for your models, views, and controllers. Rails will even create skeletons of those for you (e.g., command line ruby script\generate controllername).

By following conventions, you can create a database driven web application really, really easily.

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