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January 29, 2009

A few more days with Windows 7

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I’m still using the 64-bit beta of Windows 7 as my primary operating system and it continues to impress me.  The only glitch I’d had before was the video driver crashing occasionally (and restarting seamlessly every time).  But even that’s stopped happening.  I don’t know why (there’s been no driver update related to it) but I’m sure not going to complain.

More software installed and working well for me:

When I tried to install Skype, Windows 7 popped up an alert that there were known compatibility issues with it, and gave me a link to another page at Skype with a specific beta version for Windows 7.  Handy.

And I’ve been in the office with my ThinkPad undocked, docked with an external monitor, and sometimes connected to a projector.  Windows 7 does a fantastic job of detecting all the changes to my video connections and adjusting the display configuration and resolution perfectly every time.  It remembers that I extend my display to the external monitor when docked, but duplicate it to the projector when that’s connected.  It just works.

I’m still waiting for something awful to happen, but things are sure going great so far.  There’s been tremendous attention to detail on Microsoft’s part.  That, more than slick new technology, is making Windows 7 a pleasure to use.


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