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July 21, 2010

OSCON Begins

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Yesterday’s Cloud Summit was pretty good.  I didn’t get a lot of detailed, concrete information, but acquired a good overview of what’s going on and how the pieces all need to connect.  But today, the real conference begins.

The morning began with “keynotes”.  I put that in quotes, because they were more like lightning talks.  But since the speakers were mostly executives instead of technical staff, they each needed ten minutes to make their points, not just the five usually allocated to a lightning talk.  The talks were okay, and whenever one dragged it was over soon, but they didn’t add much.  If they just skipped them, and had one or two real, deeply interesting keynotes, for the entire conference, that would be a lot better.  As it is, the conference itself doesn’t get started until nearly 11:00 AM.

For the rest of the morning (actually, the middle of the day) I’m going to attend sessions on programming for mobile devices.  First up is Android, the Whats & Wherefores by Dan Morrill of Google.  I’m already somewhat familiar with Android, so may not see much new.  But the second half the session is about Building Mobile Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by Jonathan Stark, and I am very deeply interested in that topic.  I like all mobile platforms, but I don’t want to have to master lots of different technologies.  I think web technologies are mature enough to meet my development needs.


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