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July 25, 2003

Heading home from Pierre

Filed under: South Dakota 2003 — Charles Engelke @ 6:40 am

I’m in the Rapid City airport waiting to head home.
The visit to the South Dakota DOT went well, and now we wait and see if it leads
anywhere. The trip itself has been fine so far. Nice rental car (a brand new
Mitsubishi Endeavor that had a compass that showed every direction as East or
Southeast), no highway traffic, and good motels. The Holiday Inn Express in
Pierre had a great bed, and the Hampton Inn in Rapid City had high-speed Internet
in the rooms (for $6 per day).

The only glitch has been the weather yesterday. It hit 110 degrees in Rapid City
(the thermometer in the car showed 109). But then we had a cooling rain shower, and
the temperature dropped… to 100! If South Dakota’s temperatures are averaged out,
it’s probably paradise.


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