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July 25, 2003

Heading home from Pierre

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I’m in the Rapid City airport waiting to head home.
The visit to the South Dakota DOT went well, and now we wait and see if it leads
anywhere. The trip itself has been fine so far. Nice rental car (a brand new
Mitsubishi Endeavor that had a compass that showed every direction as East or
Southeast), no highway traffic, and good motels. The Holiday Inn Express in
Pierre had a great bed, and the Hampton Inn in Rapid City had high-speed Internet
in the rooms (for $6 per day).



July 22, 2003

Going to Pierre

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It’s not that easy to get to Pierre, SD from Georgia. The only flights into Pierre are 19-seaters, which I prefer not to fly ever since I had to gate check my briefcase on one and my PC got broken. So I’m driving 75 miles from Macon to Atlanta, flying to Salt Lake City and then Rapid City, then driving about 200 miles to Pierre. Door-to-door will take about 13 hours. (Later update: due to late arrival in SLC our bags didn’t make the connection, and we had to wait 2 hours for them on the next flight. Door-to-door was 15 hours, though we did get to take an hour for dinner.)


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