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April 7, 2005

Woman Photographs Swan, Finds Hand Stuck in Ice

Filed under: Vacation 2004 — Charles Engelke @ 8:27 pm

The AP reports that a “Swedish woman who photographed a swan in
the river outside the royal palace in Stockholm made a grim
discovery when the film was developed: a hand sticking out of the ice.”


May 6, 2004

Green stamps of the 21st century

Filed under: Vacation 2004 — Charles Engelke @ 9:08 pm

When I was a kid (in fact, even when I was a grad student), grocery
stores gave you green stamps with your purchase (or brown and yellow
plaid stamps if you shopped at Winn-Dixie). The more you
spent, the more stamps you got. You dumped the stamps into a
drawer, and when you decided you needed a new waffle iron, you
dragged them out, unstuck them from each other, and pasted them
into a book. If you had enough books, you took them to a
redemption center and traded them for your waffle iron.



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