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July 11, 2003

OSCON Day 4: Session – Emerging Open Source Business Strategies

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So, this was a high level talk about the commoditization of software, particularily Open Source software.


OSCON Day 4: Session – Open Source and Open Standards

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This is more of a philosophical discussion. It was very helpful to get a different point of view on things “open”.


OSCON Day 4: Session – Amazon Web Services, Past, Present and Future

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Amazon extensively uses webservices.


July 10, 2003

Session: Transforming XML for Web and Print

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Michael Kruckenberg of Tufts University is going to talk about his
experience in getting lots of existing and new documentation all available
both on the web and on paper.


Perl Certification

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Dr. Tim Maher of CONSULTIX, Damian Conway of Monash University,
W. Phillip Moore of Morgan Stanley, Karen Pauley of Kasei, and
Timothy Wilde of participate in a panel discussion of Perl
certification. Before we get started, I’ll just note that I’m not a fan of
programming language certification. A general programming
certification might be useful, but looking at one language is too narrow.


OSCON Day 4: Session – Template Toolkit Version 3

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* Internal Architecture
* New Parser
Unbreak the unfixed
Encourage more templage modules


Break: Ice Cream!

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Real Networks sponsored the afternoon break, which featured free
Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. It’s been at least two years since I’ve seen
anything like that at a conference. I think this is a leading indicator
that it’s time to get back in the IT sector of the stock market!

Session: Ingy on Kwiki

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Brian Ingerson doesn’t look like most people’s image of a brilliant
programmer (at least, not mine), but he certainly is. This talk is about
Kwiki, a really neat implementation of
Wikis. I’ve installed it on a few machines, and it is quick and works well.


Session: More Technical Challenges in Using Perl for Commercial Software

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This talk by Gurusamy Sarathy is subtitle “Real Life War Stories”. We
Windows users have Sarathy to thank for bring “real” Perl to us. Before
he ported the standard Perl distribution to Windows, we had to get by with
custom versions of Perl. Yes, they worked, but they always fell behind the
main version, and couldn’t use all the same add-on modules. Now Sarathy
works for ActiveState, which maintains lots of open source languages for


Posting Comments

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I think that blogs should allow user comments. So why doesn’t this one?


OSCON Day 4: Session – Subversion, WebDAV, and Apache HTTP Server 2.0

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  • Slides are available at:
  • Here’s a link to Subversion: The Definitive Guide, a free book about Subversion
  • There’s also an upcoming O’reilly book about Subversion
  • (more…)

    Session: Perl 6 Design Philosophy

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    Allison Randal is speaking about how Perl 6 is being shaped. I expect
    this to be a good talk, though I regret missing about four others going on
    right now, too: “Subversion, WebDAV, and Apache HTTP Server 2.0” (Ozette
    will tell me about it); “DIY-IT: How Open Source is Turning IT Into a
    Do-It-Yourself Marketplace” (Ricardo said he’d be there); “Ruby for Perl
    Programmers” (Craig is attending); and “Automated Testing of Large Projects
    with Perl” (Usha’s got it covered). This is probably the richest 45 minutes
    of the whole conference; couldn’t they have spread these particular talks out more?


    OSCON Day 4: Session – Writing Tests with Apache::Test

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    Uses and is a perl based framework.


    Session: Nine Views of Mark-Jason Dominus

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    Dominus is a talented and interesting speaker, and he’s giving nine 5
    minute talks now.



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    In her keynote this morning, Stormy Peters mentioned a recent Wall Street
    about MySQL’s threat to Oracle. You’ll need a paid subscription to the
    Journal to read the article, but one of the quotes sounded familiar to me:


    Thursday morning keynotes

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    I’m not expecting to be that interested in this morning’s keynotes. The
    first one is about business issues for open source in the enterprise. I’ve
    heard speakers on that topic over and over and over again, and frankly, I’ve
    never heard anything very deep or useful. Maybe today will be an exception,
    though. The second keynote is going to be fairly interesting. I know
    because I heard it a few month’s ago as a keynote at O’Reilly’s Emerging
    Technologies Conference. So it’s a “rerun” for me.


    OSCON Day 4: Pictures from the Conference

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    Pictures from the conference and beautiful Oregon scenary can be
    found at: Pics

    July 9, 2003

    Session: Deciding on an Open Source J2EE Platform

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    Ed Lyons of NetNumina Systems is giving this talk. The criteria for
    evaluating tools won’t be features, but what’s really important:
    maintainability, track record, management, integration, security,
    transactions, support, availability, performance. He will weight these
    according to factors he showed for 5 seconds.


    OSCON Day 3: Session – The Anatomy of the MySQL Query Optimizer

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    Ok, the projector just bombed on us. And it’s taking way too long for them to get it fixed.
    The session is informative, but a little slow. Oh, wait, the projector magically came back to life.
    We have 11minutes left and there are many slides to go. Did I mention that Monty gave everyone
    “Finlandia Vodka Chocolate”. When you bite into the cholocate, a burst of vodka comes out. I’m not


    OSCON Day 3: Mmmmmmm, cookies…..

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    Nuff said

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